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Meme day

End of the world is nigh!

Well it was when i posted this counter hehe (oh, in case you didn't notice, we are running out of IP Version 4 ip address's, go google 'ipv6' or something)

Top Posting Sucks!

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
A: Top-posting.
Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?

In case you have no idea wtf this is about, click here

I used to use Outlook Express Quotefix but i started using Thunderbird to do my email and newsgroups, and it's annoying to have to work out which order who said what when etc etc, grrrrr


ASUS bring out a new PR photo for their tiny pc, the EEE, whatever, nice to see the effort put in at least :) Thanks to Greaper for pointing this one out.

ASUS Version


Nildram (Tiscali) v BE Unlimited

Windows XP Service Pack 3 came out today, so i downloaded a copy at work and home at about 11am GMT


in case you where asleep, Phorm where putting together a nice deal with some uk ISP's where they would collect data to profile their users, and use that to sell advertising basicly, after poeple got wind of this, there was something of an avalanche of protest against it, which you can cleary see in the share price :)

Phorm Share Price All aboard the failboat

World of Warcraft Toyota advert

speaks for itself really, push play :)

CRT Colour Temperature Sucks

Right, it's time to have a rant, so i get 2 monitors at work, and after a bit i notice, dam they are really blue, so i go in the colour controls to set the colour temperature to something more neutral, Iiyama 510, 21" (really expensive at the time) STUPID FECKING THING, only has 3 settings, 5000k 6500k 9300k, which is, yellow, yellow, blue, WHY CAN'T I JUST PICK FRICKING WHITE FFS!, most stupidest thing ever (ok the monitor controls suck), rant over..... :(

I suck at CSS

I added some CSS to my website, woot
looks much better now :)

Bloody Stupid Puzzles

I was channel hopping at stupid o'clock, and there was one of those dam annoying quiz things on itv, now normaly I just ignore this crap, but the puzzle interested me:

Add the numbers
nineteen minus five =
4 + 3 x 2 =
6 - 5 =

whats the dam answer ffs


A blast from the past, most amusing :)

LOL Stuff

fancy a laugh, classic irc quotes here, oh and some more here :)

Dark Fury

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury is a 30 minute anime short, it links up Pitch Black with The Chronicles of Riddick, sounds neat, i'll watch it and update
had a watch of it, the dvd is a bit short really, 30 min anim, using the same actors from the movies, certainly worth a watch since it links the 2 Pitch Black movies 2 was a bit naff really, 1 was best, dark, evil nasty things, cool stuff etc, good stuff :), this anim could be better, the plot seemed a bit thin on the ground

Software Patants go bye bye

Software Patants Bill gets binned, phew, it would have been lame

Dam Software Patents

over here we don't have patents, but that will change soon, see here wtf this is about , also read this register article, a classic example of patents in use in the US

Silly SLI single video cards

oh ya, silly doesn't even come close, i thought it was a joke when i saw a piccy of one of these, check em here

Pirate Bay Down !

Piratebay down going down !!! well ok, just the database for a bit, what they gonna have when they get shopped though? :)

Tiscali adsl sucks

oh dear, it really does, i signed up a friend to their £16 512kb cheapy broadband (30gig a month limit), oh dear, it really is bad, download speed is all over the place, from 50kbs down to 25kbs, mostly on the 25kbs, but as well as that the latancy was 175ms !, I am seriously not impressed, from now on i certainly will not be recommending any adsl cheaper than about £23 a month, unless you don't mind the dialup style service

New website !

like omfg !