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AJAX for noobs (quick starter)

omfg, i'v spent about 2 days messing with this so i'm writing this quicky FAQ to get started programming ajax stuff

same as above, but with info on how to 'post' stuff

something that saved my ass is firebug (firefox addon), after mucho hours of trying to debug the javascript i'd modifyed, turned out the XML i'd written was invalid, only by seeing the values of the variables while my javascript was running (break point bit in firebug) was i able to notice it, turned out i'd only missed a single quote char out, like major doh

Wanadoo Livebox (Inventel DV4210) Unlock How to


these looks kind of odd, but they are plain adsl wireless routers, problem is they are locked to wannado(likley Orange's too) isp, so if you have one, you won't be able to connect to any other isp with it

most/all this info and files comes from Andy Potter's site, hopefully this is a bit easier to read though

your aim here is to get a command line, so you can run a command and get a serial number off one of the chips in to, you can then calculate what the unlock code is, and input it

since the firmware on my livebox was too new to hack, 5.08 something, i 'repaired' my box to an older firmware, this used to be a cd, i don't see why though

once you have done that, you can then begin your hack:

copied from


Based on some information supplied by Evariste Hardy relating to backdoors within the websrv application I have now managed to get to a command prompt on my Livebox without having to hack the dwb file. This has worked on v5.04.3-uk and should work on any version of the firmware that is less than v5.05.1-uk. The following lists the steps that I used. All entries are done using entries within the web server application. Do not enter the (") quote marks. You need to have an ftp server available on the 10.0.0 subnet (I have used as an example), with an anonymous ftp account, that has the utelnetd program available in the root directory of the anonymous account, but called ' u ' (the length of the filename is important).


thats the hardest bit done, now we just need to run the magic command to get the serial number out:

copied from the livebox.html

On the Livebox command line type ' redboot_fconfig_get --parameter h235_key /dev/mtd4 '. This will return a 16 byte value

now run this serial with a calculater (download below), I recommand the html one, since it's just a bit of javascript, once you have the unlock code:

In a web browser type ' http://configuration.adsl/brdgoff.html ' and enter the unlock code.

it's good to go, connect it up to your normal adsl, and it will update itself to the latest firmware, it has to do this quite a few times

A month or so after i'd unlocked it, the 'official' firmware refused my unlock code, therefore i recommend disable the auto firmware update (I'v given up using this thing for now, with having some problems with my adsl, i just went out and bought a netgear 834 router to help debug my setup), andy's site had some info on how to do this, see link above

Downloads for this:

h235tounlock.html Javascript, i recommend this one, as it'll work in your web browser

note the javascript one does *NOT* seem to work in IE6, you can test by inputting 'bqjtyewzkw8201jc' and you should get 'wyq0je1wctkbz8j2' (thanks to for that)

Winchat Broken in Windows XP Service Pack 2


Noooo, it plain doesn't work, i wish they would fix this, again it's really handy for simple chat accross a lan (you can make winchat pop up on another computer by 'dialing' it, so gives a bit more interaction than 'net send'

Winchat has been in windows for years, goto run and type winchat to run it, don't confuse winchat and windows messenger

It depends on the Network DDE Service

Windows Messenger Service Spam

By default, windows 2000 messenger service is turned on, also, it'll be bound to the internet interface

Windows Messenger Serive Popup
what it looks like when you get a message

How can you be "used" ?
you can test it yourself by typing
net send (host name or ip of person you wish to send to)  (message)
net send hello
harmless you think ?
imagine if someone set a loop, so your computer would have a constant msg on your screen

what can you do?
Turn it off
pretty simple, goto:
Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services
Find messenger service on the right hand window
Right click > Properties > Set "Startup type" to Manual or Disabled
Click ok
Right click the messenger service again > Stop (stops it right away)


Since i wrote this mini article yes, spammers figured out how to really abuse this, as everyone was busy moving from windows 9x to windows 2000 as the enthusiasts pushed win2k as the windows platform of choice (since windows 9x was total crap, and Windows NT4 couldn't play games, it didn't have directx, nor was it designed for games anyway)

also many remote network virus's have popped up since that time, like ms blaster, slammer (exploiting bugs in the services hosted by a windows machine by default)

it got so bad microsoft rolled out windows XP service pack 2 (it has a built in firewall)

anyone who had a NAT router setup where not effected by these security exploits, you might even want to turn this service back on (since SP2 disabled it by default now), it's a handy little service to sending the odd message accross your lan



Favicon in use

when poeple make a shortcut to your website, IE attempts to get the icon and use it on the shortcut, there are other ways of doing this if you don't have access to the root, do a search

Dual ATX Power Supplys

She cannae take no more, Captain !


Basicly, get another ATX PSU, Connect both control wires to the same mobo

Download this zip File, it will show you how
You will need acrobat reader to view it

*Warning* I'v not tryed this myself, i was planning too, hence this info, but never got around to doing it, so if you blow up your pc, don't complain to me, you should always test such a mod/hack first....

you can buy something at overclockers that does the same thing(not same method though), it's a little board that detects power output (from a hdd type connecter on the first psu) and powers up the second psu

Info from:
(site dead now)

"APIC Module Not Inserted"

Error message during bootup with PC chips MB720 (prob other motherboards too)

without the APIC module, your dual motherboard will only work using the single cpu

Download Manual for MB720


PC chips MB720 Apic Module

ECS / Elitegroup D6VAA and Linux 2.6 kernel Problems

Linux 2.6smp and ECS D6VAA moans about IRQ problems when you use the network, and basicly kills the network off in smp kernel, but it's fine in single cpu mode, the problem doesn't effect the Gigabyte GA-6VTXD (gigabytes version of the same board basicly), so it looks like it's down to quality of ECS being ermm not so (it's pc chips, what do you expect)

the board doesn't seem to have a fully working APIC (Advanced Processor Interrupt Controller), so you have to make linux use older PIC mode

anyway, easy fix, just add cpu option 'noapic' to the boot options of your kernel, the following example for grub, you only need to add noapic to the smp kernel


ECS / Elitegroup D6VAA Modded Bios

this gives you control over the each cpu voltage, i tryed it on my verson 1.1 non raid D6VAA
works a treat :) - dated 11/22/2000

check here too for nice thread on

i'm not sure if this will work with the raid version, i forgot since it was ages ago :(

this is a copy of the file from the forum, i havn't used this one myself